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Fishing in Florida

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Part of the Wynn Wildlife Crew took a cruise out onto the ocean last week! Riding the waves about 16.5 miles out onto the Atlantic to find fish like this Cobia, which was about 3 inches to small to keep. The way you catch the Cobia is to find big sharks and start casting and popping a heavy jig quickly across the top water, Cobia are known to swim right along side sharks but are quick enough to never get eaten... unless it's on your hook and the you can't get the Cobia up to the boat fast enough!! Tiger sharks will quickly rip after a Cobia if you hook into it, so you try not to pitch your jig out of sight.. otherwise you might end up with a much bigger fish than expected hahaha good fun times

Another couple of other awesome fish we were able to lay into were some bait fish, Remora, Eel, Flounder, Sharp-Nosed Atlantic Shark, Red Snapper, Lane Snapper, Spanish Mackerel, Mangrove Snapper, and a 4.5 ft Nurse Shark! Most of these fish were caught bouncing cut bait, shrimp, or crabs off the bottom in about 90-110 ft of water. We go out with one of my best friend's uncles, Captain Dave of Brevard County Tours, he does an amazing job of keeping your rods busy, recommend him 10/10.

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