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Open Water and Walleyes

Updated: May 23, 2021

Yo what's good guys, Kevin checking in here!

Man am I ever glad to say open water is officially here!! We got to take the opportunity that God provided us and get the boat out on the glistening water in some beautiful weather! Shout out to my old man for all the help! Now straight to the cut, water temps are in the gold zone baby! We recorded anywhere from 50 to 57 degrees on the world's greatest body of water, that's right baby... the Missouri River!

Once we got on the water we took a little voyage and tucked up in a cutbank break from 6ft to 24ft leading into a juicy flat. No real trick to catching fish, we pulled bottom bouncers with spinners... green with an eye was my hottest! Defintely still a minnow bite, had luck with leaches all day as well. We boated probably 50 walleye with the occasional smallmouth, white bass, or catfish. All the fish we landed were super healthy, great color, and the best part was they were all hungry! We took home a nice supper of 15 to 18 inchers! Grab some bait and wet a line! The time is now!!

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