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West River Best River?

Heys guys, Kevin tapping in again! As always I got the juicy news on the latest bites and hottest action in the Northwest Region of South Dakota! It's been an outstanding year already guys and I'm truly blessed to say I've had a lot of fun on the water, steadily catching some really healthy fish. I've been pre-fishing for an upcoming tournament, getting out early to find some pins prior to the big day! It's been a real treat to fish the Missouri this past week with my family and friends, man did we have some luck! We've been fishing around the 10 ft mark, getting most of our action there. Bright colors seem to keep the fish coming - majority walleyes, aggressive. We are also doing fine catching them with live bait, plastics, pitching and dragging.

Seems like most of the walleyes we landed were spawned out but still holding decent post spawn weight. All of our fish held a pretty constant 16-20 inch range. Water temps are still holding in the upper 50's. All around from what I've experienced this past week or two -the bite is still HOT! I also caught my first sturgeon ever! Truly a blast for the first time ever! It was an awesome time, bar none as long as I had a pole in my hand. Hope to see you guys out there!

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