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W.T.F. Where's the fish

Within the past month I've been fortunate enough to spend some time on the water with a good percentage of the Wynn Wildlife crew. We crushed the fish every time we went out! Devils Lake, Lidgerwood, Hankinson, and Fergus Falls area were all very rewarding for the group.

Fergus Falls is where we started out the month of June, fishing onshore casting slip bobbers into weed beds or off of the boat casting slips into weed lines or shade under trees. Crappie, bluegill, and largemouth bass in bunches. Lots of success with the slip bobbers, matched with a fat leeches, long crawlers, or live minnows. We couldn't keep bobbers top water...

Lidgerwood was the next stop for the squad. Walleye, perch, and northern pike filled the cooler. Drifted bottom bouncers with extra long spinners and live bait. Heavier jigs was what we started with but the wind ended that option. Fished the "breaks" we could find, but also found fish in the flats all day as well. Walleye and perch seemed to be shallower than the northern but were all biting on the same lively minnows.

Devils Lake was something else to see, fished it the same day as a tournament so there was no shortage of boats on the water or at the ramp. The rocks were filled with people ripping back to back to back white bass. Even saw a man park his U-Haul on the side of the highway to fish, I get it haha can't get a rental car these days. We fished Devils Lake in some shallower water, but deep enough to be away from sunken trees. Pulled some #5 cranks and bottom bouncers with 18" spinners and minnows. Got a meal of white bass by the end of day, great fish fresh off the water and on the pan!

Hankinson area was the latest stop on the Wynn Wildlife train. Found some good schools of perch along the weed line, and tucked in with the sunken trees in the shallower water. Walleyes came in the deeper water, trolling at the speed of 1.8 mph, the slowest we could go with our spinners still functioning. Tipped the spinners with a live minnow and did great! Filled the live well and took off.

Lesson I learned this month was get out whenever you can, no matter where we went the fish were hungry, a few times it took longer than others to find out where they were and what they wanted but they always came to EAT! Make sure you are prepared when going out! That's been the success for us this month, fully loaded tackle boxes to tease the fish ' til they bite!

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